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Overhaul (computer, visual table biomicroscopy)

The doctor initially set the patient's vision using a table or a projector and a set prescription lenses. Then examine your eyes using a slit lamp and prescribes the necessary correction. Biomicroscopy is an objective method for the study of the anterior segment. Using optical light cut is reviewing the transparency of ocular media - cornea, anterior chamber and lens.

20,00 lev.


Skiaskopiyata an objective method for determining ocular refraction (refraction of light rays as they pass from one medium to another and focus in the central retina - the macula). Used to establish the degree of myopia, hyperopic and astigmatism. Available equipment in the ophthalmic office "Optilens" Ltd. makes at skiaskopiya with high accuracy and reliability of the result.

25,00 lev.


Automatically calculated refraction with or without accommodation, without direct involvement of the patient. Avtorefraktometarat good assistant ophthalmologist considering the astigmatic degrees.

5,00 lev.

Fundus (with widening of the pupils)

It is necessary that the patient is released from duties that require reading text on the day of examination, because after fundus is difficult to see around 2 - 3 hours. The extension is done using special eye drops which drip at equal intervals over one hour.

15,00 lev.

Color vision

Study is necessary for certification of medical certificates for amateur drivers and professional drivers with certain requirements related to professional orientation and implementation of the patient. Performed using special tables for color vision (Rabkin).

10,00 lev.

Extraction of foreign bodies

Standard treatment for ingress of foreign bodies (sand, chip, etc.) in the anterior segment of the eye (eyelid, conjunctiva and cornea).

25,00 lev.

Lavage tear duct

When set by the doctor blocked tear duct.

15,00 lev.

Soft contact lenses (measure)

Review to identify the specific ocular parameters (diopter, cylinder) and the subject is familiar with the standard procedures for insertion / removal of the lens, maintenance and storage of her

30,00 lev.

Hard contact lenses (measure)

By its nature, hard contact lenses are manufactured strictly individual. This calls for a thorough examination, including selection of the design parameters and materials to build them.

30,00 lev.

Corneal Topography /one eye/

20,00 lev.