the pleasure to see better!



In 2005 ‘Optilens‘ Ltd. celebrated its tenth anniversary on the market, proving the perfect combination of optics and ophthalmic surgery.

Today, after 18 years on the market, we can show out high standards, premium merchandise, excellent service and modern equipment for the manufacture of all types of glasses.

The professionalism of opticians, combined with modern equipment allows us to satisfy the claims of even the most demanding clients. We offer a wide range of frames for corrective glasses and sunglasses, as well as a full range of lenses.

We are pleased to present the company employees optometrists Dr. Krasteva and Dr. Dimanova – renowned experts in the field of ophthalmology, established names in contact lens practice.

The doctor’s office conducts a full investigation of refraction – myopia, hyperopic and astigmatism, using computer diagnostics and skiaskopiya, is examined fundus and ocular pressure, checked patency of tear ducts, colour sensitivity, held at the treatment of inflammatory diseases and has First aid for superficial foreign bodies.

Our office is one of the few places where the field of contact lenses is treated professionally. Here, the parameters are measured individually for each eye, by which are made rigid contact lenses. Keeping in mind the diversity of the market of soft contact lense, we can say that here – in the ophthalmic office ‘Optilens’ Ltd. – we select the most suitable in size, hydrophilicy and durability lenses for your eyes.

We perform the process of adaptation to these lenses, explain the methods of insertion and removal as well as ways of getting used to them.

The office has all kinds of soft and hard contact lenses, including coloured lenses, accessories and solutions for their storage.


‘Our mission is a reflection of the values that set us apart and run as a successful company. ‘Optilens’ Ltd. strives to give our best to each customer whose soul we were able to touch, giving them the pleasure of seeing the world around them clearer and even the cleaner air in the mountains.’


‘We, ‘Optilens‘ Ltd., strive to create and develop socially responsible business, exceeding the limits imposed by the big chains. To enrich the brightness to which our clients are touching, changing their way of life, making it more beautiful, richer and more real.


  • Honesty, openness and respect - both for our customers and to our competitors;
  • Personal attitude to customers and employees;
  • First class service to our clients;
  • High quality products and services;
  • Socially responsible business;
  • Pleasant working atmosphere;


  • To create value for the customer;
  • To improve our relationship with our clients;
  • To be recognized as fair competitors;
  • Be inspiring and innovative;
  • To expand our business on a national and international level;


‘The pleasure to see better!‘